About Manoj Aryan

Manoj AryanManoj Aryan is a self  learnt photo artist who loves creating pictures with the medium of camera and travel of  light across the space.  A passionate soul who Captures the mood  with the help of expressions by the models and spatial structures of their body.

Born and brought up in a middle class family this man always had a different perspective towards life.  Gifted with various forms of art, he always wanted to follow his dreams in his own way.  Although, parent’s dream was to see their son as a successful medical professional, but he wanted to fly with the wings of  his imagination.  So in the year 2008, amidst a cloud of uncertainty, he made a quit to his medical career and took a camera as a brush and started to paint the canvas of  his imagination by capturing the colours of this world.   Moving slowly but steadily this man emerged as a leading photographer from delhi in no time .  A lot of national and international projects in his bag he created a niche for himself with his own style and unique way of lighting.  Needless to mention about his excellence as his works speak their language themselves.  Now, mastering the techniques of  black and white photography he is ready to serve the world with monochromatic visuals as well.

Blessed with a versatile personality,  you will always find this man smiling and pretty much clear  about the goal of his life.

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